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Body Treatments

Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage / Body Contouring 60 min/ $145

Lymphatic drainage massage with the original Brazilian technique, a gentle manual treatment that improves the activity of the lymph vessels, the massage reroutes the lymph flow to move the fluid out.

Celulite treatment. 60 min / $165

A full body brazilian drainage massage with a combination of tools, bamboo and metal therapy, and cupping techniques. Helps to eliminate toxins and reduce cellulite, help to shape the body, reduce body measurements, stimulates blood circulation, increases metabolism, decreases fatigue and relaxes tense muscles. 


Full body Detox 90 min / $250

A combination of services, body exfoliation, to get rid of dead skin cells,

lymphatic drainage massage (Brazilian contour) and an infrared blanket

sauna, helps to get the toxins out of the system. Facial drainage massage included.

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