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How Does This Multifunctional System Work?

A system that performs a facial treatment through a safe, fast and efficient method. The CooLifting gun projects on the facial tissues a powerful CO2 flow, at a very low temperature and a very high pressure, combined with a high concentration of atomized actives.

What is Multipolar Radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency Therapy (RF) is a common non-invasive aesthetic procedure that uses a high-frequency alternating current to heat tissue in the dermis to increase collagen, which consequently decreases skin laxity and photoaging.

As we get older, our bodies produce less and less collagen. Once the skin reaches about 107.6°F or 42°C(use an infrared thermometer), the body releases heat-shock proteins that stimulate new collagen fibers to be created. Collagen is an essential protein for the skin and is the driving force behind skin becoming firmer, smoother, thicker, and more youthful. Radiofrequency therapy reverses signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles by inducing tissue remodeling and replenishing depleted collagen

This large multipolar handpiece allows us to provide radiofrequency treatment in bigger areas of the body such as the back, legs, and abdomen.

Benefits of Radiofrequency for Body

  • Decreases cellulite and tightens skin

  • Warms the dermis to make subsequent beauty treatments (like cavitation) more effective

  • Increases skin elasticity and tightness

  • Can be used on the arms, stomach, legs, and more

  • Supports healthy collagen production

  • Non-invasive, safe, and requires no downtime

  • Features cumulative effects with further treatments

What is Vacuum Radiofrequency?

Vacuum therapy massages the skin to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, simultaneously supporting healthy skin and circulation. Collagen and elastin, two proteins essential for keeping the skin tight, firm, and glowing with youth, production is also supported via this treatment. Vacuum therapy has been praised as a non-invasive treatment that can reverse the appearance of your skin’s age by 10 years. On this function, two electrodes lie on the rim of the vacuum handpiece. By working in conjunction, these two technologies create even more dramatic skin tightening results.

Benefits of Vacuum Radiofrequency

  • Improves circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite

  • Increases metabolism

  • Burns fat at a faster rate

  • Promotes positive mood

  • Improves overall body profile

  • Tones and smooths skin

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

The ultrasonic cavitation handpiece allows for the disruption of cellular membranes in adipocytes or fat cells. It promotes body contouring, slimming, and weight loss. Here’s how it works: the high pressure on the adipocytes caused by intense ultrasound waves forces those cells to collapse and their fatty contents to leak out into the spaces between cells. Since the number of fat cells in an individual never changes throughout their life (those existing cells simply grow in size), these fatty contents must then be excreted so they are not reabsorbed. With the help of a professional to trigger lymphatic drainage, the lymphatic system excretes these wastes through natural bodily processes. Esbelta includes a vacuum radiofrequency handpiece that does an excellent job at stimulating lymph flow after cavitation, so there is no need to purchase separate equipment for this. Cavitation may be performed 1-2 times a week for a minimum of 4 treatments.

With cavitation, a significant number of fat cells can be destroyed at once, so the treatment is highly effective and its results are visible after just one session. Patients can immediately see a reduction in the size of fatty areas, such as the thighs or stomach, and will notice even greater cumulative effects as they return for more cavitation treatments over the following weeks. 

Benefits of Ultrasound Cavitation

  • Bursts bulks of fat cells instantly

  • Leaves surrounding tissues completely unharmed

  • 100% safe and non-invasive

  • Decreases fat content

  • No downtime

  • Can be used on many areas of the body, including arms, stomach, and thighs

  • Causes no discomfort or pain to patients

  • Creates immediately visible effects to encourage more treatments

  • Slims and tones areas with excess fat

What is Red LED Light Therapy?

Esbelta includes red LED light therapy within all its handpieces. This is a miraculous treatment that allows for treatments with cavitation and LED light therapy simultaneously, which enhances the efficacy of the treatment by producing collagen to tighten the skin while extra fat is burned.  The combination of Radiofrequency and Red LED light also saves you money, time, and effort while making clients look that much better.

LED Light has different wavelengths that represent different colors of the visible spectrum. Each color has its own unique healing properties. One of the most effective wavelength ranges falls under that of Red light, which improves blood circulation, stimulates energy production within body cells, decreases inflammation, and gives a younger look and feel to the skin.

Benefits of Red LED Light

  • Increases energy production in cells

  • Encourages the production of elastin, collagen, and fibroblasts

  • Lifts and tightens skin in conjunction with radiofrequency

  • Softens lines and wrinkles in all areas of the face (forehead, around eyes, around the mouth)

  • Alleviates acne by reducing inflammation

  • Speeds up any healing processes in the skin

  • Increases nutrient supply in the area

  • Supports hydration in the skin, relieving dry skin

  • Reduces age spots and sun damage by stimulating cellular activity

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