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Reiki with Sound Healing and Foot Treatmen

Embark on a journey of holistic rejuvenation with our unique Reiki session combined with the harmonious healing power of sound and a soothing foot treatment.

Reiki Energy Healing
Experience the gentle touch of Reiki, a centuries-old practice that promotes relaxation and balances your body's energy flow. Our skilled practitioner will guide healing energy to restore harmony within, promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Sound Healing
Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of resonant instruments such as singing bowls and chimes. These vibrations align with your body's energy, inducing deep relaxation, reducing stress, and supporting inner healing.


Foot Treatment

Indulge in a luxurious foot treatment that includes exfoliation, massage, and hydration. Your tired feet will be revitalized, leaving you feeling grounded and completely relaxed.

This rejuvenating experience combines ancient wisdom and modern wellness to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. It's a holistic journey towards inner peace and renewal.

Session available:

60 min $125

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